B–Management Coaching & Consulting
September 18, 2021

B–Management Coaching & Consulting is a consultancy company founded and run by Barbara Baert. She takes a creative and artistic approach to an otherwise somewhat bland business-coaching experience. With the addition of drawing and self expression through unconventional media, the startup was in need of a warm, young but also reliable and professional looking visual identity. These characteristics are reflected in the colour palette, style of illustrations and in the fluid but secure movement in the motion-design. The typography goes from huddled up and dazzed to jazzed and open to take on things as they come — It follows the path of Barbara’s coachees. 

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Dazzed (Dazed & Jazzed)
design: Martin Vácha
alteration: Martijn Mertens
production: Displaay
B–Management Coaching & Consulting
pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.
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Although initially believed to contain orthogonal dimensions, the Big Five personality taxonomy appears to have a replicablehigher-order structure, with the metatrait of Plasticity reflecting the sharedvariance between Extraversion and Openness/Intellect, and the metatrait of Stability reflecting the shared variance among Neuroticism, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness. These higher order traits havebeen theorized to relate to individual differences in the functioning of thedopamine and serotonin systems, respectively. As dopamine is associatedwith exploration and incentive-related action, and serotonin with satietyand constraint, this neuropharmacological trait theory has behavioralimplications, which we tested in 307 adults by examining the associationof a large number of behavioral acts with multi-informant reports of themetatraits. The frequencies of acts were consistently positively correlatedwith Plasticity and negatively correlated with Stability. At the broadestlevel of description, variation in human personality appears to reflectengagement and restraint of behavior.
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