Addmore Agency
Addmore is an Antwerp-based online creative agency founded by Robin Waroquier and Wout Hardy. They cover a wide spectrum of services, including strategy, webdesign, online marketing and as of recently: branding. Addmore and MMCreated work together on a regular basis. However, their own branding left something to be desired, so they commissioned us to elevate their looks and feels.
The name Addmore carries a pleonasm. Adding is inherently connected to more. The icon turns this style mistake into a brand-feature: both “add” and “more” are represented by a plus-sign. This means the icon can be typed out anywhere. The studio applies Diatype ++ as their brand typeface. Diatype is a sans serif typeface designed by Dinamo’s Fabian Harb and Johannes Breyer. The neo-grotesque is informed by and named after pre-digital typesetting machines previously used to typeset text on light-sensitive film. It’s warm, yet sharp and conscientious. The ideal studio-face. The font in use is Diatype ++ Light. The only difference between the bespoke and original font is the addition of an altered “+” in the glyphset.