My name is Martijn — Mart for short. I’m a 19-year-old graphic designer and student at Sint Lucas Antwerpen. Currently, I am working with Scribbler, a graphic design studio based in London. I’m a creative mind, obsessed with communication, logo and graphic design. How can I help you?

About Me


Marketing communication, more than just a poster. Effective and original ideas to boost your product, service or idea.


What I excel at. Setting up a goal, then working out ways to get to it through logo, look and feel. Trying to combine functional with beautiful.

Brand Strategy

What are your goals? Ever thought about who your clients are? Figuring out who you're trying to reach, asking the right questions.

Graphic Design

Visual communication. Problem solving through a combination of typography, photography and illustration. My skills cover a wide spectrum. Do you need any graphics made?

Logo Design

The face of your company. Over the years I've made a few hundred logos. From icon design to full fledged wordmark — I'm most confident in this field. Brainstorming, sketching, then exploring a great amount of options in a very small timeframe as a result of my efficiency in Adobe Illustrator.

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Bēhance Projects

Take a look at some of my more in-depth stuff. Packaging design, branding, poster design, … These projects give a general sense of the aesthetic I excel at. Don’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to ask me some more examples of work I did.

About Me

My name is Martijn Mertens — Mart for short. I’m a 19-year-old graphic design student at Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Belgium. Currently, I’m doing my second year of Studio Communication, which is where the advertising and campaigning magic happens, I guess. SLA help me get experience through real client work: problem solving, thinking of new ways to elevate the impact of an ad, doing actual campaigns, pitching them to clients, etcetera.  

Enough about Uni. I’m also a freelance graphic designer working with Scribbler. My strengths are type and logo design, although I’m exploring other fields in graphic design along the way. What started out as a hobby in high school, quickly became a passion of mine.

To sum things up, I love doing what I do best. I’m a creative mind, obsessed with communication, logo and graphic design in general. How can I help you?

Skill Graphs

Visual representation of my skills in the Creative Suite. I'm very confident in both Illustrator and Photoshop. inDesign i have used in the past to do some publications and posters. Still dabbling in Premiere.



Short resumé of my growing list of clients


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